Understanding Driveway Alert Systems That Are Wireless


http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-home-security-image20513070In looking for a wireless driveway alert system, there are a number of factors and options to consider. It is very important that the system functions to protect the property, deal with outdoor security and have the correct monitoring functions. There are now many manufacturers who have entered this market, and the choices can be varied, which is why they are reviewed below.

Weatherproof design – having a fully functional, durable and weatherproof unit is one of the first factors to consider. If the system does not have a history of durability, then it will not stand up to the rigors of nature. Check user reviews online before making a buying decision.

Range of motion detection – this will be different for each property, but it has to be considered as one of the primary means of selection. The range and angle of view should be sufficient to cover the entrance to the property, or area that needs to be monitored. Knowing and measuring this required range is the best course of action before searching for a system that is wireless.

Motion sensors – there are people who require discreet motion sensors, and those who don’t care about this factor in the system. As such, think about which requirements are necessary and if the sensors need to be concealed. There are units built especially for this reason, although they may be a little more expensive.

Signal range – the overall size of the property will dictate this need. There is an average signal range with wireless driveway systems of about 400 feet, however there are other systems that can cope with ranges outside this figure. Again, the area to be covered, and the size of the property is the vital factor, so it needs to be known before the product search begins.

Infrared-infrared motion detection technology is something that modern systems have built in. However this is not needed for all properties. It will enhance security and add another layer of protection, so it is worthwhile considering if the extra investment is worthwhile.


Batteries required – of course, for the system to work, batteries are needed. Sometimes the number of batteries can be excessive and cause problems (when they expire), so factor this into the buying decision. Those systems that require fewer batteries are usually the best choice as the system will have more up-time.

Speed of installation – the speed and ease of installation is another factor to pay attention to. Spending more money on a team to install the system is often a waste, as there are now many systems on the market that can be quickly and easily installed by hand.


Having a wireless driveway alert system is a great investment in security and peace of mind. Simply pacing the transmitter outside the property, with the receiver indoors, removes the need for many wires and offers 24/7 monitoring options of vehicles, visitors, kids and intruders. Protect your property with a small investment.